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Oklahoma River Trail

The Oklahoma River Trail comprises 13 miles of paved trails on the “Oklahoma River” (actually N. Canadian River) running from I-35 just east of downtown Oklahoma City west to Meridian Ave. on the south side of the river, or to Portland Ave. on the north side.

This page, and the one linked below, are intended to provide more detailed information about the trail for cyclists since information on the official web page is somewhat sparse. We will make every attempt to keep this information up to date, but the area around the river is developing rapidly, so there may be temporary trail closures or other developments that we won’t be able to keep current on.

The trail MAP indicates the parking areas along the trail system. All of these parking areas provide access to the trails, although some of the access is via gravel/dirt paths. Of course the parking areas are accessible from the street, so that means there is street/trail access at all of these points. The areas providing paved access are:

  • SW15th just east of Meridian (south side)
    SW 15th just east of Portland (south side)
    Skate Park at Robinson (south side)
    East of Shields (south side)
    Beyers (north side)
    Robinson (north side)
    Portland (north side)
    The remaining parking areas provide non-paved access to the trail.

To ride a loop of the trails starting from Bricktown, enter the trails on the north side of the river just east of Byers near the rowing club boathouse. At Robinson, cross over the river on the bridge and continue along the south side trail to Portland. Exit the trail at the parking lot, ride out to 15th street and go west about 1/4 mile to Portland. Cross over the river on the pedestrian walkway on the bridge and go about 50 yards past the end of the bridge to a paved path back down to the trail on the north side. Follow the trail back to the boathouse. This route is suggested to keep riders on the north-bound side of the Portland bridge, thus avoiding crossing Portland (a busy 4-lane thoroughfare) twice and making a left turn across 15th (also a busy 4-lane


To ride the loop from the west end of the trails, start at either the Meridian or Portland parking lot (south side) and ride to the Portland bridge, cross to the north side, ride to the end of the trail if you wish, then back to Robinson. Cross over at Robinson to the south side and return to your point of origin. Starting from Meridian and riding to the east end of the trails and back to Meridian results in a nearly 20 mile ride.

There is a bike/pedestrian bridge over the Oklahoma River at Meridian, which links to the West River Trail.