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Shawnee Airport Track/Trail

Here is some information about the Shawnee Airport Track/Trail.  

here is the official website page from the City of Shawnee: Click Here
From the site: 

This trail is a 10 foot wide, divided path that allows for running and cycling.  One complete lap is 3.21 miles or roughly 5 kilometers.  The northern side of the trail passes under Shawnee's 6000 ft runway!  

Along the trail are two attractions.  The reflection park and pavilion (dedicated to our sister city, Nikaho,  in Japan) are beautiful additions to the entrance of the track. The workout station has basic workout equipment (like a chin up bar) and soft mulch all over the ground.  

Second, here is a map from Map My Run:Click Here

This is a wide track for walkers, runners and bikers.  Many persons use it primarily as a connector path to get safely from one area to another, as there are several on/off paths.  For example, one can  start out rides usually in downtown Shawnee, ride through some neighborhoods to the track, which is a perfect connector to St. Gregory's campus and Oklahoma Baptist University campus. 
Here is an example of a short social ride: Click Here