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Promoting fun and safe cycling in central Oklahoma
Oklahoma Bicycle Society
1805 Greenway Ct.
Yukon, OK 73099

Cycling Maps

OBS members have access to dozens of digital maps on RideWithGPS. OBS has a club membership which allows all club members to have access to RideWithGPS features that are available only to paid members at no additional cost to you. Members may download files to Garmin and other GPS devices, print out maps and cue sheets, and download digital maps to Apple or Android phones to navigate off-line (without being connected to the cellphone system). Members may click HERE to access the OBS RideWithGPS club page. 

OKC Trails Map Oklahoma River Trail Grand Boulevard N. Grand Boulevard S. Will Rogers Trail Draper Lake Eagle Lake Trail Katy Trail Overholser Two Lake Connector Hefner West River Trail
Click on a trail in the map for more details. Click the legend for full map. Trail mileages listed below:

Map# Trail Name Miles -- Map # Trail Name Miles -- Map # Trail Name Miles 
  OKC Bike Map    1 West River Trail 9 2 River Trail 14
3 Overholser Loop  9 4 Two Lake Connector 8 5 Lake Hefner Loop 10
6 Grand Blvd Loop 36 7 Katy Trail/E. Grand 7 8 Will Rogers Trail 9
9 Draper Lake  10 10 Eagle Lake Trail  3 Closed trails and status


OKC Routes Mileage OKC Metro Routes Mileage Oklahoma Routes Mileage
OKC_Bike Map8.5X11    11 X 17 Yukon - 25-mile Loop 25 North Central
Donut Ride 13 Yukon to Calumet 56 Kaw Lake 40
Pre-Donut Ride 18 Yukon to El Reno 46 Kaw Queue Sheet 40
 Grand Blvd. 35
Ponca City Detail 40
Hefner to Overholser
9 Yukon to Piedmont 24
OKC_River_TrailsInfoCruise 14 Yukon to Mustang 30 Osage Hills Tour
OKC to Cashion 62 Northwest
OKC Urban Trails 14 Overholser to El Reno 49 Roman Nose 45
Lake Hefner to Downtown OKC
12 Tombstone Tales Ride
Yukon / Fort Reno
Canton Lake: 1 2 3
         Foss_Lake_Tour 36
OKC to Jones 28 Piedmont to Kingfisher 53 Alabaster State Park Tour 85
Yukon to West OKC 25 Jones to Choctaw 14 Eastern
Overholser to Clydesdales 20 Piedmont to El Reno 43 Okmulgee_Lake Area 48
Earlywine YMCA to Mustang 26 Guthrie Loop 30 Okmulgee_Beggs Loop 40
Lake Draper 45 Moore to Lexington 65 Flower Power153868 100
Lake Draper 25
62 Lake Eufaula: 1 3 66
2017 OBS Streak 25M 40M 100K Arcadia Loop 47 Northeast
River Bend Loop 6.5 Arcadia Lake Trail 12 Northeast Adventure
Harvest Hills Loop 5 Tecumseh Loop 42 Honey_Creek_Tour 45
Eagle Lake Trail 2 Norman to Indian Point 33
Will Rogers Trail 9 Norman to Paul's Valley 80 Southern
OKC Streetcar Historical Bike Tour 20 Norman/Tribbey Loop 80 Sulphur_Gene_Autry 52
Hinton Loop 48 Davis_Dogherty 41
On-Line Interactive OKC Bike Routes
Shawnee Airport Trail 4 Davis_SulphurAlternate 30

Ft_Cobb-Hinton 62

Ft_Cobb-Anadarko 55
Ft_Cobb-Cobb_Creek 42
Ardmore_Lake_Murray 62
Quartz Mountain 1_2_ 60
Witchita_Mountains 1_2_ 61
Red Rock State Park Tour 45
Little River Tour
Chickasha 50
Texoma Tour
         Route 66   374
        State Bike Map
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