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Promoting fun and safe cycling in central Oklahoma
Oklahoma Bicycle Society
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Welcome to Cycling in OKC

- this page will help you get started;    

Picking Out a Bicycle

Click HERE for ideas on selecting the right bike for you
Click HERE for a list of local bike shops

Places to Ride

OKC has lots of great bike trails that are safe and fun places to ride:
Trail  Miles Map
 West River Trail - extending from Lake Overholser to Crystal Lake  14  Map
 Lake Hefner - Loop around lake  10  Map
 The OKC River Trails, with trails on both banks of the Oklahoma River  14  Map
 OKC Bike Trails and cycling info    Map

Riding with a group

Bicycle Riding in a group is a fun and safe way to enjoy cycling and meet new friends.
The OBS Donut Ride is a great ride to start. It starts at Will Rogers Park and we ride 6 miles to Brown's Bakery. There is a ride leader who will show you the route and assist you if there are any problems. Click for HERE details. 

Being Safe on your Bicycle

  1. They have learned to navigate through traffic and deal with road hazards. They ride with the traffic. They ride as far right as is safe, but taking control of the lane when there is not room for both a car and bike. At intersections they will ride in the lane that goes in their direction. They signal lane changes and turns to motorists and fellow riders. They obey all traffic rules including stopping at stop signs and red lights.
  2. They wear helmets on every ride. In addition they wear other safety gear such as eye protection, gloves and sun-screen.

  3. They make themselves as visible as possible, wearing brightly colored clothing that is more easily noticed by drivers. At night they ride with bright headlights and red blinking taillights.

  4. They keep their bikes maintained and properly adjusted. They check their bike before every ride. They have learned how to make minor repairs such as replacing a flat tire tube. They carry basic repair tools and replacement tubes.

  5. They consider the route to ride with safety in mind.

  6. They have prepared their body to power themselves to their destination. They make sure to drink plenty of water and eat enough of the right foods to keep their energy levels high.

  7. They have fun.

Here are some helpful links to help you learn more about safe cycling:


Bike Skills Class

Periodically OBS puts on a Bike Skills Class - watch the calendar for the date of the next class.


Classroom topics

Bicycle Check

Helmet Check

Tube and tire repair

Traffic Law

Lane changing

Avoiding crashes

Sharing the trail

Group Riding

On-Bike training:


power pedal position,

turn in 20 feet


Navigating Intersections

Rock Dodge

Quick Turn

Practice riding in traffic


For a lot more info: Frequently Asked Questions