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Promoting fun and safe cycling in central Oklahoma
Oklahoma Bicycle Society
1805 Greenway Ct.
Yukon, OK 73099
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Oklahoma Bicycle Manual: Introduction

It is in Oklahoma’s interest to do everything possible to encourage bicycle use and to encourage development and improvement of facilities to accommodate safe and efficient bicycle use. Bicycle use for touring, commuting and recreation can provide enjoyment, improve public health, and reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, energy consumption, and the cost of transportation. The many benefits of bicycling, both personal and social, provide the incentive for local, regional and state government to recognize the bicycle as a legitimate mode of transportation. The Oklahoma Bicycle Manual is intended as a reference for bicyclists and non-bicyclists to reap the benefits of efficient and safe bicycling. Please read the manual thoroughly, whether you intend to personally enjoy the rewards of cycling or not.


Every individual has a choice of transportation. Be conscious of and courteous to all forms of transportation. Remember, the roads in Oklahoma are for everyone.


Accept the personal responsibility of giving motorists a reason to respect all bicyclists. Obey all traffic laws and be a thoughtful, courteous rider. You will make it easier for motorists to be polite to the next cyclist they see.

Be aware of the safety needs of others. For example: To be able to react appropriately, pedestrians need to know a bicyclist is approaching. If you pass too closely to or frighten pedestrians, they may end up in your path. Remember that pedestrians may be disabled and may react slowly or fail to hear you.