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Oklahoma Bicycle Manual: Accessories

Visit your local bike shop, and browse for a while. You will find the various accessories and aids for cyclists are as broad in number as the imagination allows.

Some accessories are primarily for safety, some for comfort and others for convenience. The following is a list of some of the many items to aid your cycling: Rear view mirrors, eye protection, reflective item`, lights, helmets, riding gloves, specialty clothing. water bottles, clip and strap pedals, tool kits, mounted tire pumps, backpacks, panniers, racks, trailers. specialty seats, specialty handlebars, trip computers and tire sealant.

You should definitely consider the following for safety:

A rear-view mirror will aid you in being aware of traffic approaching you from behind, but it should not replace Your checking traffic directly.

Eye protection can block dangerous rays from the sun and protect your eyes from foreign matter.

Packs, racks, racks, and trailers will assist you in carrying items by keeping your hands for controlling the bike.

Reflectors and lights should always be used in poor visibility.

Always wear a helmet.