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Oklahoma Bicycle Society: Theft Prevention

Bicycle theft is a serious problem. All types of bicycles, from the most expensive to the least, are stolen every day. Here are some steps you can take to help protect your investment:

  • If your community has a bicycle registration program, take advantage of it. Registering your bicycle won’t make it theft-proof, but will help in returning your bicycle if it is recovered. List your bicycle on the personal property declaration of your homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance policy.
  • Keep the serial number and a close-up photo on hand for police identification.
  • Lock your bicycle properly, every time.

Locking Tips

  • Protect your bicycle by carrying and using a high-quality lock.
  • Use U-shaped locks which provide very good protection. A heavy-duty cable and key lock are next best.
  • Securely lock both wheels and frame to a bike rack or other stationary object.
  • Lock your bicycle in a conspicuous place where a thief is more apt to be noticed.
  • Don’t lock your bicycle to trees; it could damage the bark.
  • Don’t lock your bicycle to handrails or fire hydrants, near doorways, on handicap ramps, or other areas that would interfere with pedestrians.

This section’s text was taken from The Colorado Bicycle Manual.