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Promoting fun and safe cycling in central Oklahoma
Oklahoma Bicycle Society
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Donut Ride Leaders


Assigned week





1 Bill Elliott 405-519-3931  405-949-1484


Michael Scott



Bill Wilson


(405) 525-0807

2 Marilyn Dixon 405-615-0974


Jack Dawson 405-343-3162    


Alice Pattillo


4 Heather Vidato  (405)204-4676
Alternate John Wente (405)354-2301


Darrell Sullivan


 Alternate Jeff Neumann   (405)373-2196


Here is a script that you can follow

Welcome to the Donut Ride – we will ride at our own risk and follow the local traffic laws”

Let’s introduce ourselves.” ( call out your first name and point to the person next to you ).

( at the end of the names – you can say “That sounds fairly accurate” )

“Are there any new Donut Riders here today?”

( as they assemble, hand each family a map. Maps can be found in the mailbox on the tree )

“Welcome to the new Donut Riders. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Never ride faster than the fastest rider.
  2. When we come to a busy intersection, new riders are asked to lay down in the street to stop the traffic. We are happy to hold your bike and wallet as you do that.
  3. On the way back, we will be passing a dentist office that has a train in the front. They promised that we could ride on the train if just one new rider would agree to get a root canal. “


Many of the experienced Donut riders will be going to Kamps 1910. It is recommended that new riders stay together as a group and ride to Browns Bakery. You can ask another OBS member to assist you with the new riders. It is suggested that you have one leader in the front and one bringing up the back.